# Visualization OpenD

moomoo OpenD provides two operation modes: visualization and command line. Here is a description of Visualization moomoo OpenD which is relatively simple to operate.

Please refer to Command Line moomoo OpenD for more informations for your interest.

# Visualization moomoo OpenD

# Step 1: Download

Visualization moomoo OpenD can be runned under 4 operating systems: Windows、MacOS、CentOS、Ubuntu.

# Step 2: Installation

  • Extract the file and find the corresponding installation file to install moomoo OpenD.
  • moomoo OpenD is installed in the % appdata% directory by default under Windows System.

# Step 3: Configuration

  • The Visualization moomoo OpenD launch configuration is on the right side of the graphical interface, as shown in the following figure:


Configuration item list

Configuration Item Description
IP API listening IP address.
Port API listening port.
Log Level Log level of moomoo OpenD.
Language Language.
Time Zone of Future Trade API Specify the futures trading API time zone.
Data Push Frequency API subscription data push frequency control.
Telnet IP Listening address of remote operation command.
Telnet Port Listening port of remote operation command.
Encrypted Private Key Absolute path of RSA Encrypted Private Key.
WebSocket IP WebSocket listening address.
WebSocket Port WebSocket listening port.
WebSocket Certificate WebSocket certificate file path.
WebSocket Private Key WebSocket certificate private key file path.
WebSocket Authentication Key Cipher text of key (32-bit MD5 encrypted hexadecimal).


  • Visual moomoo OpenD provides services by launching command line moomoo OpenD, interacted through WebSocket, so the WebSocket function must be started.

  • To ensure safety of your trading accounts, if the listening address is not local, you must configure a private key to use the trading interface. The quote interface is not subject to this restriction.

  • When the WebSocket listening address is not local, you need to configure SSL to start it, and a password should not be set during the certificate private key generation.

  • Ciphertext is represented in hexadecimal after plaintext is encrypted by 32-bit MD5, which can be calculated by searching online MD5 encryption (note that there may be a risk of records colliding with libraries calculated through third-party websites) or by downloading MD5 computing tools. The 32-bit MD5 ciphertext is shown in the red box area (e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e): md5.png

  • moomoo OpenD reads OpenD.xml in the same directory by default. On MacOS, due to the system protection mechanism, OpenD.app will be assigned a random path at run time, so that the original path can not be found. At this point, there are the following methods:

    • Execute fixrun.sh under tar package
    • Specify the configuration file path with the command line parameter -cfg_file, as described below
  • The log level defaults to the info level. During the system development phase, it is not recommended to close the log or modify the log to the warning, error, fatal level to prevent failure to locate problems.

# Step 4: Login

  • Enter your account number and password to login.
    You need to complete the questionnaire evaluation and agreement confirmation when you log in for the first time.
    You can see your account information and quote right, After logging in successfully.